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Build an authentic personal brand and accelerates your career. Working on your personal brand is important for your career development, income security and it ensures the success of all your networking initiatives. When you do it right, an abundance of opportunities that align with your vision will keep showing up.

Our coaching program will take you through the foundations of branding, personal branding and how you can build a brand that aligns with who you really are and what your purpose is. Think about Oprah and Steve Jobs, what comes to mind? yes, that?s right.

What You Will Cover :

With guidance from our experienced career coaches with more than ten years of experience combined, you will cover:

  1. What is branding/personal branding and how do we translate that to you as an individual.
  2. Why do you need a personal brand and what elements will help define your why
  3. Who are you/who do you aspire to become and how will your personal brand help you get there.
  4. Where – Locating your personal brand will be a key to success
  5. When – ?Before implementing all that we have learned, and we will reflect on it and compile some learnings
  6. How – We will define our how based on your personal plan and decide which tools/platforms and strategies will work in order to create value for your audience.


  1. The process starts when you sign up.
  2. Six one on one coaching sessions with your career coach. Every session is an hour long of which 30 minutes will be via Skype or Google Hangout and the other 30 minutes for email communications for that particular session. This may differ from advisor to advisor.


  • Get plugged into our community of HR professionals
  • Get job recommendations from our team
  • Learn and be introduced to our employer partners
  • Receive a LinkedIn recommendation from us
  • Free access to our job board



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