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Do you need to make a career change or restructure your current role? ?Do you want to find out what you should do after you graduate? If these questions are running through your mind, and somehow you feel unsure on how to approach them, our Designing Your Career Path coaching program is for you. Using Stanford University?s innovative approach to applying Design Thinking principles to life and career decision-making.

What You Will Cover :

Our ?team of experienced career coaches and designers and agile coaches will help you :

  1. Explore possible and suitable careers that fit with your passion and life vision
  2. Learn how to incorporate your career into your life vision
  3. Ask the big question – What is my Purpose and how do I make a difference in the world
  4. Take tangible steps in prototyping your possible dream job
  5. Use principles of design thinking in designing your career
  6. Develop a plan for who you want to grow into as a person

The goal of this coaching program is to help you create a life that is both meaningful and fulfilling, regardless of your background, career trajectory or what your interests might be.


  1. This coaching program offers you 6 sessions with your career coach and will include group work in certain instances.
  2. Every session includes a Skype or Google Hangout conversation and email communication.
  3. Your coaching program starts when you sign up


  • Get plugged into our community of HR professionals
  • Get job recommendations from our team
  • Learn and be introduced to our employer partners
  • Receive a LinkedIn recommendation from us
  • Free access to our job board





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